SaaS? What’s that?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way in which software delivery solutions are hosted remotely by a service provider, that are then accessible to their customers over a network, such as the cloud. Simply put, SaaS allows users to rent a range of software solutions, instead of developing, investing, and expensing their own system.

Most SaaS providers offer a usage-based subscription that can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, granting customers authorisation to utilise their software for a set period of time.


Sounds great! Why is it an important consideration in EHS today?

Save! Save! Save! The most obvious reason to consider a EHS SaaS solution is the cost and time saving benefits associated with implementing a streamline, digital process. Time is money and with a SaaS solution, hours previously lost to paperwork and manually capturing data are eliminated in an instance!

Availability and reliability are other key benefits for EHS professionals. With a SaaS solution, employees, regardless of their location and availability, can access the EHS software. So whether you have employees are in the field, offsite or working from home, your data can be securely access on any mobile or desktop device. And there is a real peace of mind with a SaaS solution with daily data backups, your data is in safe and secure hands in the cloud.

A SaaS solution can also scale and adopt to meet your business needs. Using a SaaS model, the cloud-based servers can easily grow with your business and adjust to meet your needs. What is so important for EHS teams is finding a software that is custom to their requirements and allows flexibility to meet their unique requirements and specific to the environmental license. Users can custom their own personal workspace, such as a dashboard or task list, to show only the information they need to see.


Are you ready to implement the digital change?

EHS professionals who have not taken the step towards the digital transformation of their business, could hold back their organisation back from a whole host of benefits such as cost and time savings, streamlined processes and new technology adoption.


Implementing Edac as an EHS SaaS solution gives EHS professionals the simplicity and accessibility of all of their data in one central, secure location. With custom and interactive homepages and dashboards, quick navigation to important tasks and automatic reporting tools which gives you and your business complete visibility of your environmental compliance status.


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