Making Incident Reporting An Important Part of Business

With Health and Safety evolving into an integral and core part of a working organisation, it has become apparent that a proactive and predictive approach is necessary to minimise risk and create a safer working environment for all.

Even in the safest of workplaces, accidents can and are still likely to happen. But if these incidents are not being monitored and reported, how can it ever be measured and improved? Therefore, incident reporting is so invaluable to an organisation, so that learnings can be taken, and the necessary procedures can be implemented to reduce future risk. Writing an incident report provides the organisation with a record of the event that preceded an incident and their immediate aftermath. Capturing situations that were ‘near misses’ provides learning to prevent a near miss becoming a serious problem. If an injury occurs, capturing the situation before, during and after can help build a new protocol for employees to reduce this risk in future.




Incident reporting captures the relevant information an organisation needs to improve their health and safety standards to protect their team. Having a clear understanding of the challenges and issues their employees face when completing their daily roles, provides justification for investment in improved systems, software training and equipment to support a safer working environment. But how do you know when to write an incident report?

When to write an incident report:

  • Any accident that could have led to injury or potential risk to an individual.
  • Any injury that has occurred to anyone on-site
  • Equipment or property damage
  • Any near-miss that could have caused a potential risk or damage


Capturing the right information within your incident report is important, but it is best to keep it as simple as possible. Think who, what, where, when, how and record any risk, injury or damage caused. Making it a straightforward process for your team, increases the likelihood of reports being completed. Providing a simple but effective process for your team, increases engagement and encourages proactiveness for your team. Piling on administrative hours and endless paperwork, decreases motivation and it is likely that this will become unsustainable for your team.


What Now??

Providing your team with an efficient digital solution, like Edac’s incident reporting tool, streamlines your process. Completing incident reports on the Edac app from any mobile device, eliminates hours of admin, lost reports and a lag in time between an issue being reported to an incident being resolved and actioned. Will real time notifications, all relevant team members get an instant notification from Edac, as and when issues happen, allowing your team to rectify any potential risk as and when they happen. Corrective measures and tasks can be created on Edac to action the issue, so you have full traceability of not only the incident, but also the follow up and corrective measure taken, allowing you to track and monitor its progress. And with a complete history log, you can extract all of your incident reporting for analysis and reporting directly from Edac.

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