Your Data
When You Need It

Meet the environmental software that brings digital intelligence and insight to the centre of your organisation

“Having EDAC implemented and utilized on daily basis on our facility has reduced the amount of time we historically spent on collating all our regulatory documents and reports. Everything is in now one place, this has contributed to keeping us compliant”

Noleen Murphy, Manager | Breffni Organics

Multiple Applications
One Central Portal

Maintain full compliance across you organisation with dashboards that provide data at a glance, linked to your environmental asset inventory and and regulatory compliance reporting

Custom Built

We know that your licence requirements are personal to your business, that’s why we custom build around your licence specifications and tasks accordingly. Whether you run a single-site or need multi-site deployment, we can implement Edac to suit your corporate needs

Cloud Base Solution

Edac is built with today’s mobile workforce at the forefront – with a focus on speed, automation, and user experience – access and report on your environmental asset data, anywhere & at anytime via desktop or a mobile device, simply through our Android and iOS applications 

Scalable and Secure

Edac runs on Microsoft Azure. What does that mean for you? It’s fast, secure and meets some of the most demanding data security needs on the planet. It also means we can scale our product and services, allowing us to update and customise your platform, as and when you need to

Track, Monitor & Report

Transform the way that you work with one digital place for everyone and everything related to environmental compliance

Instant Notification

Customise alerts for the matters you care about. Let Edac notify you on up-and-coming tasks, maintenance checks, or potential compliance risk, all in real time. Compare results with your permit standards and conditional limits and set alerts to notify you when there has been a non-compliant risk.

Paperless Management

Lost your site map? Struggling to find lab results? Fear not. Manage all your compliance documents on your portal. Group and classify data elements however make sense for your teams.  All your maps and documents relating to environmental compliance in one central location, it really is that simple.

Streamline For Better Collaboration

Edac’s collaboration tools make it easy to share and communicate  across your organisation. With one click, create tasks for project collaborators inside and outside your organisation, and get notified on works  as and when they happen.

The Smart Way To
Stay Connected

Using the IoT, connect your assets with our Nfc/rfid capability using asset tags. Identify and track your equipment and assets, linking in real time to your digital asset register on your customised Edac dashboard.  The intelligent sensors transmit data and information about your environmental assets and equipment in real time and will notify you when things just aren’t right.

All relevant information needed to track asset history and maintain assets can be obtained with just one scan from your mobile device. Using Edac’s IoT smart tags, team members can update and complete tasks in real time at the click of a button. 


Hours saved from administration


Ways to customise your platform

Always Secure. Always Compliant

At Edac, we protect our customer data and privacy with the highest security processes and technologies available. Edac has addressed specific control measures for identity and access management of our portal with two authentication factor login for each of our users. 

Edac runs on Microsoft Azure, providing some of the most demanding data security needs on the planet. 

At Edac we say “your data, when you need it”


A totally accurate, real-time compliance reporting
platform built to suit you.