As the backbone of many industry specific organisation’s environmental standards in Ireland, the EPA regulations are critical to helping you manage your environmental impact.
But,  too many organisations today view their EPA license requirements as an afterthought – until these companies fail an audit or inspection, which only raises costs and potential reputational risk.

So, at Edac, we want to share some important considerations when managing your EPA license commitments. 

Top Pitfalls To Avoid Before Your Next EPA License Review

EPA Regulations are getting more and more stringent, and, it can often be difficult to stay on top of the ever changing rules and regulations. But, we explain below the pitfalls most commonly seen when it comes to EPA license protocols and procedures:

Poor Document Management

Poor document management is still one of the main reasons why your organisation might fail its next EPA audit. The importance of being able to document all relevant environmental compliance data relating to the terms set out in your license is so important. By not properly collating, reporting and storing this data and all the relevant documents for EPA auditing, could lead to a breach and significant financial risk to your business.

Employee Awareness of Quality

It is the responsibility of management to ensure that ALL employees are aware of their role in ensuring the organisation stays within the terms of the license. 
Therefore, making it as simple and straightforward for each employee to carry out their tasks and responsibilities, is extremely crucial. Providing employees with simple solutions, ensures that the license requirements become part of company culture. 

Delayed Rectification of Non Compliances

Implementing a strategy to ensure you stay on the pulse of your compliance is essential. This ensures that you are proactive if a non compliance arises, and you can rectify the issue at hand, in a timely and effective manner. Ensuring your team have a system in place to raise non compliances and a process to resolve the issue, ensures your organisation finds a resolution, before it’s too late. 


How Edac Can Help Keep You Compliant

Edac offers a wide range of software solutions, including a complete environmental compliance portal that allows you to track, monitor and report on all of you EPA related activities.  Custom dashboards, reporting, and insights let you can keep a close eye on your compliance status and ensures all non compliances are raised and actioned quickly and effectively. 

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