When document management becomes an integral part of daily business operations, a multitude of hidden benefits can be enjoyed by the organisation, including improved efficiencies, workflows, and analytics. But that’s not all. Having a document management system allows organisations to be prepared for the unprepared and unexpected.

A knock on the door from the EPA or local authority, is usually enough to send the average EHS manager into at least a mild panic. Usually, that sound depicts an often-unexpected regulatory inspection is upon them. The EHS team suddenly fear the worst, with nightmarish visions of hefty fines or costly reputational damages to the company should all or part of their regulations and license requirements go unmet.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. And for those with a document management system or software, these unexpected visits are often met with a much calmer approach. That’s because they know that when their uninvited guests inevitably ask to see documented proof that procedures were properly followed and regulations were adhered to, they will be able to produce that documentation in a quick and efficient manner.

Implementing a document control software as part of their EHS management system ensures that all crucial files related to business’s environment- or safety-related actions can be stored easily and securely within an electronic format, efficiently organised for quick retrieval. Moving on from an outdated and mistake-prone paper-based document management system leaves behind endless hours of wasted staff time spent trying to find misplaced files—and the worries that come from not having your evidentiary materials ready for that unwelcome surprise inspection. Locating all relevant data associated with your environmental assets can take hours, days, maybe even weeks, and can often require input from numerous people in your organisation as well as following up with external contractors and consultants. This results in broken communications and misaligned team efforts, leading to delays, safety oversights and potentially cause other negative outcomes. 



Edac as a Document Management Software Solution

At Edac, our goal is to empower businesses with data and insight across environmental, health and safety, by providing a comprehensive compliance management system and suite of tools to make compliance convenient.

Our software tools provide interactive dashboards, showing all the relevant data at a glance, linked to your environmental asset inventory and regulatory compliance reporting. All documents can be uploaded, stored and linked to particular assets, so they can be quickly and efficiently be located through the Edac portal.

All environmental, health and safety tasks can be digitally completed, saving hours on paperwork and backdating. As tasks happen, the Edac portal will update, giving a real time update on the current compliance status.

Edac also offers weekly automated reporting, providing the relevant team members with a weekly update on compliance status, faults or non-compliance recorded and any recommended actions deemed necessary for completion.

With Edac, transform the way that you work with one digital place for everyone and everything related to EHS compliance.


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