Newbie Alert

It’s been an exciting start to the year for team Edac with our Top 20 nomination at the
Green Alley Awards, the launch of our android app, and the onboarding of some exciting
new projects and customers.

And the excitement continues into February as this week we welcomed Fergus White to our growing team. Fergus joins us as Senior Software Developer on a full-time basis.

Fergus joins us with over 25 years’ experience working within a wide range of domains
ranging from finance, government, telecoms, and utilities.  Fergus’ varied career has meant
he has worked with a diverse mix of clients including the likes of the Ministry of Defence,
Ordnance Survey, British Film Commission and UK Power Networks.  He has been involved in developing and deploying solutions throughout the entire lifecycle from initial
requirements capture through to implementation.

We wanted to get to know Fergus and asked him some questions….

What excites you most about joining Edac? – “It has to be discovering the possibilities for enhancing an already powerful solution and helping in its growth.”

Your Greatest Career Achievement – “Argh, tough one this.  An interesting one was being
given a private tour of Buckingham Palace as the estate planning tool I had developed for
the MOD was adopted by them and they were in dire need of it.  Also seeing systems I’ve
developed being still in use years after initial deployment.

When you aren’t creating software solutions, what do you like to do in your free time? –
“I am self-confessed geek, huge interest in music from classical through to rock and
everything in between”

Most recent read – “Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem (despite the title it’s got
nothing to do with Supermen)”

Who would you most like to meet? – “Yikes. Another toughie, where do you start (plus I’ve always been wound up about some of the people I know/met). Maybe an answer of too numerous to choose from but also sometimes not best to meet your heroes. Actually, more accurate answer would be sadly most are fictitious”



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