Understand the new change in EHS in business today.

ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance is a hot topic today. Whether it is attention from investors that utilise ESG metrics as innovative risk indicators, from employees who have become growingly interested in their company’s corporate culture, or even the attention from consumers that want to use ESG data to influence purchase behaviours, a firm’s ability to collect, report and analyse ESG metrics for their benefit, will be a trend we see in the 2020s and beyond.

So, what does this mean for organisation’s EHS teams? Given that a significant amount of the required and sought after ESG data will come directly from the EHS Department, it is crucial that the correct systems and procedures are in place to feed the company with insights. The newfound spotlight on the role is resulting in material change to tactical job requirements, executive visibility, and organizational influence. The question to be asked, is your organisation ready to navigate and embrace the change?

For your team to harness the data your business requires, a good place to start would be to invest in a digital tool that offers a unified platform. Implementing a software service to your business to allow your team to monitor and report in real time ,means you can analyse and report on your data, when and how you need it. Any data insight will help you to provide an overview of your combined ESG and EHS performance, making it easier to identify areas where you can make improvements and make sustainable decisions for the future of your business.

Keep it simple. Your EHS team are already inundated with their daily tasks, provide solutions, not further problems. Introducing streamlined and efficient protocols and procedures makes it easy for everyone to collate and report on

Communication is key. Ensure you communicate the businesses new expectations to your EHS team. Involve your team in the decision making and the implementing of new procedures to ensure that they feel involved and heard. And, most importantly, provide the team with all the necessary and relevant tools for success.

With businesses working towards greater awareness of their impact on people and the planet, EHS and ESG will continue to be an area of significant importance. The reality of looking beyond the bottom line has is no longer viable, and so going forward, EHS managers should be both excited and prepared to take on the challenges that come with building responsible and sustainable businesses.

A health and safety management software can go a long way to helping you to prepare for your ESG reporting. Edac can help you to create a safe, sustainable, compliant and efficient workforce and workplace. 

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