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Our Mission

Edac’s mission is to have a positive impact on how our clients manage their environmental compliance. Our main goal is to ensure the delivery of an improved quality in environmental asset management and in turn improve culture for our clients. We deliver on this mission every day through our unique innovative software and our excellent services provided by our very experienced team.

Unique Asset Management

A cloud based system with multiple solutions to help manage your environmental assets at a singular level to ensure deficiencies and deadlines are highlighted and actioned.

Control Risk

Mitigate risk by providing you with the relevant tools and information to put in place a maintenance strategy that decreases downtime and results in cost savings.

Optimise Performance

Unburden your managers and environmental officers, less time spent on admin more time focusing on your core business.

Executive Transparency

Improve communications and provide all interested parties and stakeholders with a clear account of compliance, progress and reporting.

Reduce Time & Spend

Reduces resources spent on environmental compliance and reduce the amount of time and preparation for an audit, while providing accurate data to ensure risk is controlled and quality improved.

Paperless Management

Manage compliance seamlessly and eradicate cumbersome spreadsheets and paper reports.

What Our Clients Say

  • Enviroguide Consulting

    “EDAC has helped us significantly in managing all our clients information, their unique asset management portal has streamlined how we capture compliance information and allows us to collaborate with our clients in a positive way.”

    Jim Dowdall, Director | Enviroguide
  • Breffni Organics

    “Having EDAC implemented and utilized on daily basis on our facility has reduced the amount of time we historically spent on collating all our regulatory documents and reports. Everything is in now one place, this has contributed to in keeping compliant”

    Noleen Murphy, Manager | Breffni Organics

"Pave your way to Compliance"

Our Clients and Partners

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