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The workplace is in continual state of change, with no two things staying the same for long. There are always areas for improvement or elements of the business evolving. External factors significantly influence the need for change, with the global pandemic and the climate crisis being two prime examples. Just as Covid-19 accelerated the digital transformation in businesses around the globe, the climate crisis is having an influential impact on how businesses operate. With environmental compliance measures becoming more stringent, businesses must work to meet and sustain their commitment to the environment. This can be a complex matter, as organisations must work quickly to establish processes and procedures across their workplace and workforce to track, monitor and analyse their environmental footprint. But with every shift, there is a solution. In this case, IoT has the answer. 




Through the use of IoT, adding connectivity and intelligence to ordinary objects, data can be accurately monitored, reported, and analysed in real time, by the relevant teams, regardless of location. This completely revolutionises how businesses in every industry manage and capture their data. Integrating IoT solutions transforms the way we do our jobs, streamlining efficiencies and performance, especially within ESH. Crucial data relating to ESH can be captured and reported within a matter of seconds and can communicated to all relevant members of the business, improving, and maintaining a high standard of ESH management and reducing risk across the business. Using asset and equipment tracking decreases administrative time and costs and allows businesses to have complete control of their data, to utilise and analyse when they need it.


How Edac is connecting the workplace & the workforce


With the capability of IoT and the continuous technological innovation we are witnessing, it is crucial that businesses embrace technological solutions to ensure their business is not only in accordance with industry environmental compliance standards, but also on the front lines of new advancements. At Edac, we want to support our
customers to improve their environmental asset compliance management using IoT. That’s why we designed and created our new environmental asset tagging solution.

Connect your assets with our Nfc/rfid capability using asset tags. Our tags help to identify and track your equipment and assets, linking in real time to your digital asset register on your customised Edac dashboard. All relevant information needed to track asset history and maintain assets efficiently and effectively can be accessed anywhere, at any time. With just one scan, engineers, contractors, and auditors can locate and access the necessary data to complete necessary checks and works associated with each tagged asset. And, with granted permission, relevant team members can update and complete work orders relating to the asset in real time, allowing instant communication to the necessary people in your business. Our tagging system also allows you to monitor in real time the performance of sensors and equipment, for example, the tagging of pump stations to prevent failures, faults, and potential downtime, improving efficiency and preventing a potential noncompliance.

With Edac’s suite of tools and software solutions for environmental compliance excellence, your business can easily attain and maintain their environmental compliance goals. Find out more here or book a demo with one of our team members who will gladly help you on your journey to better compliance.

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