The Power of Data

The Power of Data – Identifying and Eliminating Environmental Compliance Risk from Your Business

It can be said that data is king. However, even in today’s digital age, data is an immensely untapped asset in business. You cannot manage what you cannot measure, and, at a time when firms are under pressure to be accountable and transparent to their stakeholders, workforce, and their consumers, robust metrics that can be interrogated and reported with confidence are proving business essential. There is strong emphasis on Environmental Social Governance in firms around the world as they look to alleviating environmental risk and their carbon footprint. Businesses must work to capture, track, and analyse their environmental asset data to proactively manage a safer, compliant and more incident-free workplace. However, the road to achieving these set targets is not always linear and can often present challenges. Manually analysing environmental asset data is a lengthy and tedious process, involving hours of administrative input to compile data from numerous, disconnected sources, which often lacks viable, accurate information. All of which increase an organisation’s risk of being non-compliant.

At Edac, we have developed and created technology solutions to automate the data collection and reporting processes on all environmental compliance assets. Our cloud-based solution provides a customisable platform that empowers teams with the relevant data, when and how they need it. Ensuring all environmental compliance tasks are completed on time, and to the required standard. Edac supports collaboration among internal and external team members, via our desktop or mobile app, to ensure all relevant data is captured, improving data accuracy. For example, Edac offers permission-based access for sub-contractors to update and maintain reports, ensuring firms receive all their relevant compliance data in real time, to remain ahead of their compliance obligations. Creating a powerful data portfolio that can be used to benchmark and forecast performance over time, model scenarios associated with improved environmental compliance, and even aid in the prediction of potentially serious compliance breaches. The result – increased transparency across the organisation and more meaningful insight to performance pathways, enabling firms to get the most from their environmental compliance data.


Implementing our integrated suite of environmental compliance solutions ensures that firms have all the relevant tools to manage and track environmental asset exposure risks, from assigning tasks to the relevant team members, to updating and reporting from an offline capacity, as well as the infrastructure to begin digital data mining to provide detailed analysis and reporting on environmental assets. To support our customers further, Edac provides a full range of managed services including consultancy and complete project management, ensuring projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

The power of data will continue to play a crucial role in business operations and decision making. Firms who see the fundamental value of their environmental compliance data, who learn to extract this information from their business and use it to their advantage, are reaping the rewards with improved business efficiencies, reduced risk and increase in profitability.

Edac supports organisations mitigate the environmental exposure risks associated with their environmental assets, offering complete transparency of the data, now and into the future.  Learn more about Edac’s environmental asset management solutions to get started on your digital transformation journey today, by requesting a demo session with us here.

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