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Today, consumers, customers and regulatory bodies alike expect organisations to operate in a sustainable way, ensuring they mitigate any potential negative implications their business has on the environment in which they operate. Organisations whose environmental compliance activities are determined by permits have a further obligation to ensure regular testing of their networks, facilities and environmental assets. With this comes a host of challenges, including sourcing contractors, project management and scheduling and conducting works.

When the responsibility for environmental management is outsourced to multiple third parties, an organisation’s understanding of their environmental compliance can be disjointed. To combat this, adopting appropriate software complemented by a centralised managed service ensures that environmental activities are never missed, and teams have a full understanding of their environmental performance.

Edac provides this service, transforming how organisations monitor and maintain environmental compliance across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food and beverage, and waste industries, and assisting companies in their adoption of the edac software, ensuring full visibility over all environmental compliance activities.

The edac approach

At edac, our goal is to make environmental compliance as easy, transparent and efficient as possible, which is why we combine technology with experience to deliver a turnkey solution for our clients. From our experience, we know that successful environmental compliance management requires efficient sharing of knowledge, regular monitoring, and acting on compliance issues as they arise. Through our software and managed service, we ensure that organisations have full oversight of environmental compliance activities and take on the responsibility of arranging these activities for our clients.

Our managed services come in two forms: managing your data on your systems, or, more commonly, project management. Staying compliant usually involves getting contractors in to carry out works – whether that’s survey work, repair work, or testing work.  We manage this process from start to finish. Complementing this, our software ensures full transparency of environmental compliance across teams.

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Experience-led environmental compliance

With 15 years of experience in environmental compliance, the edac team is well accustomed to developing tailored solutions to the environmental compliance requirements of the organisation’s clients as set out by their permits.

Each organisation that edac serves follows different environmental compliance based on their activities. For example, one of our clients has underground networks which are required to undergo integrity testing every year, which identifies potential issues such as leaks, following which repair work may be required. As well as managing its yearly testing, edac also assists in the hiring of contractors to ensure overall compliance. Through the edac platform, we also know what works need to take place, at what time, and why.

For some clients, this work takes place during factory shutdown, while for others, testing is staggered. Regardless of the timeframe and the testing in question, the edac team has the required experience to ensure that sites maintain environmental compliance in line with their permits.


Technology meets project management

Setting edac apart from its competitors is the organisation’s combination of its managed service and the edac platform, which ensures that teams are up to date with environmental compliance at all times.

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The edac software hosts all of your environmental compliance documents in one place, so your team can access information at any time, ensuring that organisations have all essential knowledge and complete transparency of their environmental assets and compliance activities. In conjunction with edac’s managed service, the software ensures that organisations are always up to date with environmental compliance activities.


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