How edac helps Breffni Organics achieve greater efficiencies and processes with out-of-box solution

Breffni Organics is a processor of wet waste, obtained from sources and organisations nationwide. Wet waste typically takes the form of sludge waste from commercial and private industries. The process involves rigorous dewatering to transform the waste into dry sludge which can be used as a key ingredient to the company’s composting process.

Companies like Breffni Organics are required to adhere to strict environmental permits set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company’s environmental waste facility permit (WFP) sets out the activities required to maintain environmental compliance.

“Our WFP environmental permit means that we have a legal requirement to carry out stringent and frequent monitoring and maintenance activities at our facility. Managing and scheduling these activities and tasks, along with real-time monitoring was really difficult for us. In the past, we relied on people to solely manage the process and identify breaches or compliance issues.”

For Breffni Organics, traditional environmental compliance, consisting of pen and paper reporting, typically resulted in a lack of transparency and inconsistency in reporting.

“Because we were heavily reliant on people and a manual based pen and paper reporting system, when monitoring activity deadlines were missed by the team or external contractors, we weren’t always aware of this. Another challenge we encountered was when staff moved on or moved departments internally, the knowledge and process knowledge of our teams was sometimes lost, and the handover process often took longer than anticipated.”

Where reporting is delayed, maintaining environmental compliance can be challenging, posing a threat to the bottom line.

“From an administration and reporting point of view, having an inadequate reporting system affected our business. Having information ready to hand when required was difficult, causing huge delay when providing reports and outputs for auditing purposes.”

“To solve the problem, we initially considered and hired more staff to support administration on the environmental management side of our facility. We knew Garreth and the edac team from their experience in the industry. When we learnt about what he had developed, we were really excited, and reached out to him for support.”

Edac’s environmental compliance platform provides an efficient solution to many of the problems faced by organisations whose activities are determined by environmental compliance. For Breffni Organics, edac was an obvious solution to rectify environmental compliance challenges.

“We really felt that edac was developed to suit our specific needs. We’ve seen lots of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and PPM management tools on the market, but none of them are tailored to environmental management. In the absence of edac, I do honestly believe that we would still be heavily reliant on external service providers to inform us of compliance issues, rather than discovering them internally. There would be a lot of people management, as opposed to process management.”

Investing in and adopting new software requires time and monetary commitment, which is often met with hesitancy by teams who have long-established systems in place. Breffni Organics also experienced these hesitations, but quickly saw the value of edac’s solution.

“We were worried that edac might just be another folder and file storage IT system, like the other systems we have used, that we wouldn’t be able to customise without huge costs. In reality, edac has provided an out-of-the-box solution that we can tailor to our own in-house environmental management activities.”

Benefits of the software were immediately visible upon its implementation.

“The measurable benefits of edac are very clear. I get instant notifications when any of our environmental compliance tasks are delayed, allowing our team to take action immediately. I also get notified if certain monitoring results are in breach, and can quickly identify the root cause of the breach and create corrective action.”

As for earning buy-in from Breffni Organic’s team, the edac software has quickly become an important part of the team’s everyday activities.

“We have a very small team, and we have responded very positively to edac’s software. Edac has made the work of our team a lot easier on a day-to-day basis. The platform has given the team clear guidance and set expectations for daily, weekly and monthly activities, providing a clear process showcasing how environmental activities should be performed.”

“The implementation of edac’s software was impeccable, from roll-out to general customer support, the process was very straightforward. Edac has ruled out potential risks caused by human error when it comes to our environmental compliance activities. The system guides the team and external contractors, ensuring that we maintain environmental compliance.”

Because edac’s software can be tailored to meet the needs of all organisation’s determined by environmental compliance permits, the platform provides value for each organisation in different ways. For Breffni Organics, the visual dashboard allows access to facility performance for all levels of the organisation.

“The visual dashboard, at an executive level, gives me great insight into how our facility is performing. I’m notified of upcoming tasks instantly and can drill down into them very quickly. The fact that the platform is fully cloud-based means that I can also access it from home when I need to. Both the software and the quality of service provided by the edac team makes our job easier.”

When it comes to environmental compliance, companies require tailored solutions that meet the needs of their teams and environmental compliance permits to ensure consistent compliance and knowledge sharing across the entire organisation. Through its software and available supports, edac ensures that all organisations can find an appropriate solution to the challenges associated with environmental compliance, regardless of industry and permit restrictions.

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