The importance of environmental compliance software for modern businesses

If you work in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food and beverage, or waste industry, you’re probably familiar with environmental compliance. What you might not be familiar with is the software available to your organisation and your team that can automate and streamline the labour intensive process of managing environmental compliance. We have a two pronged approach to environmental compliance for any company regulated by the EPA: managed services, and environmental management software.

Our platform is a cloud-based tool that helps customers manage their environmental assets including air monitoring devices and location points, bund management, noise monitoring, odour management, and underground networks, such as foul networks, storm networks and process networks, which are drainage assets and manholes.  Depending on the facility, clients can have between 500 and 2,000 environmental compliance activities per year. The edac platform can host all information on historical works related to the assets and their tasks.

Getting started

The edac software is designed to make environmental compliance activities easy for all team members and external contractors. With the help of the edac team, available for 24/7 support, initial integration and set-up for new customers is easy. Environmental assets are GIS mapped, tagged and can be located easily. If you are trying to locate an asset in your facility, all you have to do is click on the asset and open the map or GIS coordinates to locate the asset, all within the platform. Once someone carries out an activity, it’s inputted into the system and available to all users. We’re also in the process of developing a new feature that will allow our clients to navigate an interactive 3D model of their facility.

Why do you need software?

With experience in the environmental services contracting industry, we noticed that organisations struggle to centralise environmental compliance, and are over-reliant on contractors for historic information, typically shared by email or written down and not stored anywhere else. The edac software hosts all of your environmental compliance documents in one place, so your team can access information at any time.

The benefits of a foolproof, streamlined system

The edac platform ensures that organisations have all essential knowledge and complete transparency of their environmental assets and compliance activities.  By using the software, you’ll always be up to date with how your facility is performing in relation to the activities set out in your permit. Our platform monitors the requirements of each organisations’ permit.  For example, surface water sampling must be tested frequently in line with permit requirements. Edac can automate lab test results to feed directly into the platform.


Covid-19 has made the importance of a cloud-based solution to environmental compliance clear. Environmental compliance software makes it possible for teams to work remotely or at a limited capacity, ensuring that tasks and processes are carried out without reliance on software or being present on site.

There is a cost involved in not knowing you’re not compliant, particularly if repair works and maintenance are not completed on time. The edac platform allows you to mitigate those costs from the outset. We’re constantly working towards achieving greater knowledge and awareness of environmental compliance, and making compliance as easy as possible. The future of environmental compliance is cloud-based, and we’re excited to deliver it to our clients.

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