Compliance Made

A totally accurate, real-time EHS compliance reporting
platform built to suit you.

Our industry leading customers are embracing digital solutions and implementing ESG as a vital part of their overall business strategies


Every Asset, Covered

Empower your business with data and insight across all environmental, health and safety assets with our comprehensive compliance management system.

Get a high-level view or dig deeper into trends across your business with our powerful suite of tools. Guaranteed to be absolutely accurate and in real time

See Compliance Differently

All your environmental, health and safety reporting in one central location. Custom dashboards, reporting, and insights let you can keep a close eye on all of your EHS activities.

Uncover trends and actionable reporting from your data to inform and support your business strategy.


Take your metrics pretty much anywhere. From the boardroom to the beachfront, manage and report on the go via any mobile device, allowing you to report on matters in real time.


With powerful workflow integrations, Edac allows you to create recurring tasks using your custom-built platform. Alleviate hours of administration so you can focus on what’s important.


With the ability to communicate across teams and project collaborators from outside your organisation, our notification features ensure you never miss something business critical.

Designed with your business in mind

We prioritise finding solutions to your team’s challenges. Edac provides a comprehensive, reliable, and completely secure platform for EHS management, so you can understand what’s working (and what’s not)
within your organisation

Managed Services tools

Our environmental services to support you and your environmental projects

Environmental Software tools

Our cloud-based solution to streamline your environmental compliance management

Health & Safety Software Tools

Our cloud-based software solution to  streamline your Health and Safety processes

What Our Clients Say

“EDAC has helped us significantly in managing all our clients information, their unique asset management portal has streamlined how we capture compliance information and allows us to collaborate with our clients in a positive way.”

Jim Dowdall
Director, Enviroguide

“Edac has allowed our team to effectively manage all of our environmental compliance tasks. My team can carry out their tasks using the app in real time, and update our custom portal as tasks are completed. As compliance manager it has given me the visibility needed to action and report on issues as and when they happen.”

Marcel Haynes; Compliance Manager, Wilton Group

Are you ready for accurate, real-time compliance reporting?

A totally accurate, real-time compliance reporting
platform built to suit you.